how have i not drawn these fine gents before

this is probably the most random screencap redraw ever but it made me laugh so there you go

that pose tho

rtx flashbacks

bad words

one-page thingy for the red king!

gonna hope ray forgives me for drawing his minecraft persona toking it up

full-rez page here: [link] 

ryan’s slow descent into madness this let’s play was both hilarious and terrifying

edit: added the creeper pattern on gavin’s scarf + cap and jack’s glasses in strip 1-3

team gents + flowercrowns!

Originally asked to use palette #19 and figured they may have meant #14 (as it’s written a bit like a 19 in the image) but of course they meant #18 so since i messed up have both

more pokemon au! Got a brilliant suggestion for a little nosepass following gavin around and the other lads making fun of him for it

also at some point I may have to draw full teams of 6 for each achievment hunter because I’ve gotten a ton of suggestions as to what kind of pokemon would fit each of them and how wrong my original choice was haha