i mean what

i mean what

sketchy stuff

not even the liberator can compete with ray’s sweet family smart car

how have i not drawn these fine gents before

A message from Anonymous
Somebody tweeted Geoff your picture of Ray remembering RTX from one of those "Funny pictures lol!!" websites, no source mentioned. It's at twitter (.) com/SmytheJacob/status/491577319190835200 and it's also in Geoff's favorites, so you might already know but I'd just like to point it out. Your RT/AH fan art is some of the best out there and it's pretty sad that your work would be spread around without proper credit.

Wow I had no idea! Thanks a bunch for telling me, anon! Yeah it’s awesome that Geoff has seen that but damn. I’ve been sorta meaning to make a twitter anyways so what better way to start off than tweeting about runaway artworks.

I know proper sourcing is rare on “funny images” sites, but I’m still a bit on the fence of whether I want to put my url on everything I do just to avoid stuff like this.

this is probably the most random screencap redraw ever but it made me laugh so there you go

that pose tho

rtx flashbacks

bad words